Until some years back, patients on ventilators were required to stay in an intensive care unit. This would often include seriously ill patients, with heart or kidney complications and neurological diseases, who needed ventilator support. The continuum of care in the present, focuses on shifting such patients out of the ICUs, to a more dedicated section of care. Our facility excels in caring for severely ill, medically stable patients on a ventilator. Quite often, additional, unrelated diseases and complications plague patients that demand prolonged ventilator support. We recognize the individual needs of patients, ensuring that they are given adequate special care until full recovery. Our experienced team, consisting of multidisciplinary health care professionals, coupled with knowledge in advanced technology, provides the precise care to gradually take patients off ventilation. The highlights of our Ventilator Care service include: • Scientifically sound weaning protocols • Standard processes of care • Specialized clinical capabilities • Interdisciplinary team approach